Tips for living in a Reserve of the Biosphere

Tips for living in a Reserve of the Biosphere

In the year 1993 the UNESCO has given the title “Reserve of the Biosphere” to the island of Lanzarote. To fulfil the obligation to preserve this reserve the government of the island has published some tips and advice to make tourists and residents conscious for the necessary steps to help in this process. Help to preserve the unique landscape of this island.

-Do not waste water. All the water on Lanzarote is produced by desalination of sea water. This process is expensive and pollutes the environment.

-Separate your trash. Separating the trash is an important step to look after the resources and helps to establish an effective recycling process.

-Do not take volcanic material or plants. The geology and flora are characterizing the unique landscape of the island.

-Keep the beaches clean. Trash and cigarette ends are polluting the environment.

-Do not leave the streets and paths. Car and Footsigns are destroying the beginning vegetation and need months to disappear.

-Ask for local products. Consuming local agriculture products helps to preserve traditions and conserves the farming landscape.

For more information you can contact the Oficina Lanzarote Reserva de la Biosfera,
Tel: 928 – 81 46 16