Restaurant Montmartre, Puerto del Carmen

Right in the centre of Puerto del Carmen you can find a little piece of Paris. The Bistro-Restaurant Montmartre offers the best of French cuisine and a very special and unique ambience: two good reasons to make a gastronomic excursion.

Javier and Daniel, the owners of the Montmartre, both have French roots and have worked and lived for many years in Paris. In their restaurant they recreate the atmosphere and flair of the popular artist area Montmartre of the French capital to transport their guests for a short period of time into a different world, complimented by typical French dishes with their tasty sauces and exclusive ingredients.

Once you enter the restaurant close to the Commercial Centre Biosfera you leave Spain and enter France. The walls are decorated in pink, small curtains separate the tables and many posters and photos remind the Arte Nouveau and the artistic scene in Paris. The menus are small painter’s palettes and on every table you find a authentically reproduced leaflet about Montmartre. In the background you can hear traditional French chansons.

“Our clients love the special atmosphere of our restaurant and the French dishes are a welcome alternative to Spanish cuisine” explains Javier. On the menu you find all the classics: onion soup, crepes, frog’s legs, snails and meat and fish dishes with tasteful sauces. “People who find our restaurant tend to come again and again. In the restaurant Montmartre you can spend a nice evening and let yourself be seduced by the French charm. The whole atmosphere creates a very familiar and personal ambience”, says Javier. All the wines come from France and compliment the delicious dishes.

The success of the Restaurant Montmartre for over 18 years shows that the owner’s idea to offer “something different” is a welcome change for tourists and a great possibility for all residents to go on a gastronomic excursion. With the exquisite offer and the comfortable decoration the Montmartre is a unique alternative for spending a great evening in a different ambience.