General Conditions – Lanzarote Plus

1) Lanzarote Plus is a medium of identification to get discounts and gifts from the associated companies.

2) The discounts/gifts and the actual and only valid list of all companies participating are shown in the Online Edition of Lanzarote Plus. The Online Edition is free and will be actualized regularly. The print edition can be different in its content to the online edition.

3) Lanzarote Plus can not be used in combination with other offers of the companies presented.

4) Limitations of use
Restaurants: Only the book owner is legitimated to receive the discount / gift. That means that in a group only one book is necessary and that the owner of the book pays the entire bill. More then one card will not be accepted for the same group or bill. The participating companies guarantee to give the discount/gift at least once per book. The associated companies are free to accept the same book more then once. To get the promoted gifts the card has to be presented BEFORE ordering.
Others: Recreational parks, art galleries, golf, fashion and other shops: Only the book holder will get the discount / gift. The associated companies are free to leave this rule and give the discount also to groups.

5) Problems regarding the discounts or gifts have to be cleared between the associated companies and the book owner. Lanzarote Plus has a signed guarantee from each company participating regarding the discounts and gifts mentioned in the book. The owner of the book has the right to take legal action in case of problems with the discount / gift. Place of jurisprudence is Lanzarote- Arrecife. Lanzarote Plus excludes the refund of all values that rise above the value of the discount /gift of each company.