Restaurant Teppanyaki Nippon, Puerto del Carmen

The restaurant Teppanyaki Nippon is the oldest and most popular Japanese restaurant on Lanzarote and right in the centre of the harbour in Puerto del Carmen Tao and his wife Sinh invite you to a tasty journey in the art of Japanese cuisine. From Sushi to Sashimi or Tempura and the spectacular cooking show on the teppanyaki-table you will find lots of things to taste and enjoy.

The Teppanyaki Nippon has existed for over 12 years now and more and more residents have begun to appreciate the fine tastes of the Japanese cuisine. At first Japanese dishes were not very known in Lanzarote but quickly owner and chef Tao convinced his guests with excellent quality. With new sushi variations Tao is always good for a surprise and the use of Canarian ingredients such as fresh fish of the island or fruits such as mango or papaya always offer new variations that you will not find anywhere else.

The theory that Japanese cuisine automatically means raw fish was changed with the installation of three big teppanyaki tables. This is a special way of preparing the dishes, where the guests are seated around a big table with a quadratic cooking plate in the centre. The cook prepares the fresh food, meat, fish or vegetables, directly in front of the guests. So they can see the art of Tao while preparing the ingredients and also get a good insight into Japanese cooking with all its sauces and special preparations. Tao likes the direct contact with his guests on the table because it allows him to ask how everybody likes their food to be prepared and at the same time gives him the opportunity to comment and explain Japanese cooking.

For Sushi and Sashimi lovers, the restaurant offers a long list of classic Maki-rolls as well as new, creative variations. Also you find a lot of fresh fish, directly out of the Atlantic or freshly imported by plane from Madrid. Together with the essential ingredients such as soya sauce, wasabi or ginger you can discover new tastes that does not exist in the European cuisine. We recommend everybody who is still sceptical about sushi to try after a cooked plate a Mango Tango Roll, a Sesame Chicken Roll or the original Sushi Pizza made by Tao. For sure a lot of people will be delighted by the fine tastes and will try a different sushi on their next visit. For complete beginners in the art of Japanese cuisine Tao offers some nicely prepared menus that are perfect to try and discover new flavours.

Depending on the fresh produce that Tao can buy, you will also find some suggestions of the day that show the creative side of Taos cooking. Spicy tuna tacos or Sushi with Cherne are only some examples. When the nights are warm the restaurant has a terrace with nice views over the harbour of Puerto del Carmen. And inside you find Japanese elegancy, and either you can choose the communicative teppanyaki-table or, if you like your dinner more intimate, one of the individual tables in the side room.