Yaiza - the southern community

Yaiza - the southern community

The most southerly municipality of Lanzarote is not only home to the most beautiful and impressive beaches on the Island, it also has some very distinctive villages, all of which are worth a visit. You can learn such a lot about the history and the traditional life of the Lanzaroteños, which is as strong today as in times past. Join us on our virtual tour, get some new tips and be inspired.

We start on our tour in the town which gives its name to the whole municipality. Although Yaiza is the administrative centre, it still has a quiet and relaxing appeal which is so hard to find nowadays. You will see the old men sitting in the shade, opposite the church, discussing both current events and old times, and instantly feel how far away you are from the stressful life of the big European cities. Go into one of the simple, traditional bars with wooden tables and paper tablecloths, where the food is tasty and good, and you can normally find a local willing to tell you how things were before the advent of tourism on Lanzarote.

Only a short distance by car lies one of the most attractive and popular places—El Golfo, with its volcanic crater and green lake, Los Clicos. While you are there, take the opportunity of eating at one of the many excellent fish restaurants where you will have a choice of the days catch. The sunsets on this part of the coast are always an unforgettable experience. From the village you can make an excursion through the unique volcanic landscape, the coastline of Los Hervideros, where the seas crash through the rocks, and the salt pans of Janubio, will give you a sense of the energy and diversity of the region.

During our trip we see beautiful old fincas and new and modern houses that are spread out in the magnificent landscape. Some of the traditional fincas are totally restored retaining their original charm. People have also decided that this is the area in which to build their dream house, this beautiful place is their utopia.

However most of the residents live in Playa Blanca, the tourist centre of the community. Starting from the old core of the village, more and more people have settled along the kilometre long promenade, changing the old fishing village into a modern high quality tourist resort. In Playa Blanca you can feel the atmosphere and energy that has made the town into the most attractive tourist place on the Island. At the nearby Papagayo beaches you find the perfect spot to relax. Here in a protected natural park, you can chill out and enjoy the tranquillity, swimming in the crystal clear water.

 In the mountains above the Papagayo beaches you will find the peaceful and unspoilt villages of Las Breñas and Femés with their breathtaking views over the surrounding countryside and the neighbouring island of Fuerteventura. In the traditional houses, some families are still producing the popular goat's milk cheese. To regain your strength after your trip, why not go into one of the restaurants to sample some of the local food, such as goat.